Music to My Ears: A Reflection on Saint Hildegard's Contributions to the Church

There are those today who refer to the Catholic church as having been a negative influence on western culture. That it has been repressive and has oppressed women.  

How can the church be regarded as being oppressive when such art, architecture and music has been created to honor the Divinity of Our Lord?

It is so ironic because the church built western culture, creating all of the beauty that people now seek out when they visit Europe, such as the architecture of the churches, the shrines, works of art by the masters, such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt to name a very few. Visitors seek to be lifted up in viewing these works. And, they are.

There are works of music that also transcend time, and speak to the divinity of Christ and his bride, the church, such as the music of Saint Hildegard of Bignen (d.1179). Her works praise God and the saints and is seen as "a symphony of angels praising God."* 

In addition to her musical gifts, Saint Hildegard was also a writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, Benedictine abbess, and was deeply learned. She wrote on such subjects as theology, philosophy, botany, medicine and cosmology.

 Interestingly, Saint Hildegard's canonization is regarded as complicated, in that the details are not clearly understood.  Regardless, in 2012, Pope Benedict XVI, elevated her, and thus her contributions to the church, when he named Saint Hildegard a Doctor of the Church.

Saint Hildegard composed this music approximately 900 years ago, in a form known as plainchant. It is hauntingly beautiful and can only be described as divinely inspired.

Did the church really oppress women?

I do not think so. Just listen to the work of Saint Hildegard and ask yourself whether this was the work of an oppressed woman. 



Peter's Bride 

* Click on link to view original source of quote.


Why Tradition Matters to Me

I recently began receiving emails from a group of the local laity, who might better be referred to as Church Militant, who are trying to raise awareness of the vast errors present in the diocese to both the bishop as well as fellow parishioners. 

As mentioned previously, the churches in my diocese have been ravaged by the same problems that have plagued many a parish throughout western culture. 

The novus ordo mass is celebrated across the diocese and it represents but a shadow of the Holy Latin Mass. In fact, I am not even sure that the two masses can be uttered in the same sentence since so much has changed with the "new" mass. 

I can tell you that many good people are hurting as a result of this change. I can also tell you that many, many more are completely ignorant of the history of the church and why the Roman Catholic church, in particular, stands as a last bastion against the modernist heresies that have done nothing but desecrate every other vestige of western culture.

Despite many pleas to the current bishop, no attempts have been made to return the Latin mass.  Luckily, though, the order called the Society of Saint Pius X, does make the Latin mass available through the extraordinary efforts of truly devoted priests.

Many parishes today are focused on being the church of nice, rather than the Holy House of the Lord where we witness the transubstantiation, where bread and wine transform into the body and blood of Christ. This is the heart of the mass. This is why we worship, to be in unity with Christ.

The following video interview offers some important explanations for why the Latin mass matters.

Peace of Christ,

Reflections on Evangelii Gaudium: Encountering Christ

Some time ago, I began to read Pope Francis' encyclical and as I go back and look at what I have highlighted or made note of, I am struck by the simplicity of this incredibly powerful and true statement,

 Source: Evangelii Gaudium, Page 8, Section 7

You see, growing up a "cradle Catholic", I have taken so much for granted. I have lived in the comfort of a household that had faith at its center. I didn't have to think about what it means to have faith or belong to the faith or anything like this. I even lived in communities that were predominantly Catholic. So, it was a comfortable place for me to be in.

In my mantilla work, I have the wonderful gift of encountering women, young and not so young, who have decided to enter the Catholic church. In essence, they have had an encounter with Christ, with the faith, and they are in love. Literally, in love. They want to follow him. They want to walk in his direction, follow his path.

When I interact with these women through email conversations, I am often given the sense that church is not crumbling as some would proclaim. No. Holy Mother Church is quietly, but surely, rebuilding her flock and it is a beautiful thing. 

I invite you to visit one such blog, one filled with hope, love, and honesty, in All Roads Lead to Home.

God bless,

Peter's Bride


Science and Religion: Never the Two Shall Meet?

Dear Friends,

Many have probably heard about the group of global warming scientists whose ship was stuck in ice, fifteen feet deep, in Antarctica. Multiple attempts were made to rescue them, the most recent being a Chinese ship, which also has become stuck in the ice. God bless these scientists for their patience and reported good spirits. Perhaps there are believers among them. 

One cannot but notice the irony. And, perhaps, God is making known His sense of humor.

When the most recent calamity happened in what has become a comedy of mistrials, I turned to my husband Peter, and said, I don't believe they know anything. I don't believe in their science. 

You see, I spent several years as a doctoral candidate and during this time, I came to understand a bit about research, academia and philosophy. And, I can tell you that nothing is as objective as it appears or is presented. 

Very little good research goes on because everything is manipulated at some point. Numbers can be manipulated through a variety of approaches to the statistical data. The very philosophical approach one holds is often the product of the philosophies one is first exposed to in graduate school, and this is further reinforced by the grant monies awarded to the researcher. Why bother giving a grant to scientists who do not further propel the political agenda?

As discussed in previous posts, in regards to truth and political correctness, more and more science is for sale. With this the reality, all science must be suspect. And I mean all science, most especially that which pertains to one's health and well-being.

This morning I came across the newest installment of the Vortex, by Michael Voris. I invite you to watch and ask yourself, Science and religion; never the two shall meet?

 God bless. 

As always,
Peter's Bride

PS Hours after I wrote the above article, I came across this vlog entry and couldn't believe how much it echoed my sentiments. It seems I am not the only one who questions science lately...


Thoughts on a New Year

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! May God bless you and keep you all year long! 

Set any goals for the new year? 

I have. 

I thought I would list them here so that I might feel inclined to be more accountable because I have shared them out here in blogosphere. 

My goals are to...
  • Return to a healthier weight through exercising more self-control
  • Write more (i.e. blog more!) and express my thoughts, feelings and beliefs without fear
  • Achieve master gardener status (I have been working towards this for a couple of years)
  • Create through the arts (needle, culinary, fine)
  • Become involved in my community through volunteerism
  • Love more through patience, kindness and humility

All the best,

Peter's Bride